Device Asssistance Policy




Patrons of the Newton County Public Library are responsible for completing forms, applications and online documents by themselves to maintain personal privacy.  Staff may not assist in credit applications, bank documents, orders, or other transmittals of personal information.

Patrons may receive 5 to 10 minutes of limited guidance from Library staff, as staffing permits, to help complete the following tasks:

  1. Completing job applications
  2. Completing Department of Workforce Development applications
  3. Obtaining an e-mail address
  4. Adding attachments to e-mails, such as documents or photographs
  5. Accessing downloadable material
  6. Using Microsoft Office programs (open, save, print documents)

Staff may direct patrons to online resources and/or Library books to assist them in general computer use, Internet searching, or application usage.  Additionally, staff may recommend free computer use classes available at the Newton County Government Center through Newton County.

Newton County Public Library Staff members are not responsible for assisting in the operation of personal laptops, handheld devices or other personal online-accessible devices, but Library staff may choose to assist patrons in downloading Library materials to their electronic reading or listening devices.

Newton County Public Library assumes no responsibility for damages, direct or indirect, to a user’s data, devices, drives, discs, or files arising from employees assisting patrons, or from the use of the Library’s computer system or network.

Approved, Newton County Public Library Board of Trustees

November 2013

Amended, November 2015