EI Circulation Policy



Newton County Public Library became a member of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium in 2011, and members of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium will operate under uniform circulation policies and procedures. This is a condition of participation in the consortium pursuant to the Evergreen Indiana Membership Agreement and the Evergreen Indiana Executive Committee.

The vision of the Evergreen Indiana Library Consortium includes as a fundamental tenet the ability of library patrons to see and borrow library materials from all participating Evergreen Indiana Libraries. This goal of maximum access for patrons is tempered by the nature of the materials themselves and the logistics of moving materials among the libraries. Member libraries have agreed that Evergreen Indiana membership will not relieve libraries of the responsibility for purchasing the materials needed to meet the demands of local patrons.

In keeping with Evergreen Indiana policies, books, audiobooks, CD and book sets and magazines owned by Newton County Public Library will circulate for 21 days, while DVDs circulate for 7 days.  Newton County Public Library reference items, microfilm and equipment do not circulate.  All fines for all items are 25 cents per day.

An Evergreen Indiana library card is required in order to check out materials at an Evergreen Indiana Library. Library directors and managers have discretionary ability in special cases. A digital replica of the library card is also an appropriate form of identification for a patron to check out materials. Patrons of the Evergreen Indiana Consortium libraries presenting the Proper Identification are eligible to receive an Evergreen Indiana library card from their home library, subject to certain limitations. An Evergreen Indiana library card is not transferable to another user.

Newton County Public Library may issue Resident cards to those individuals who reside in the Newton County Public Library taxing district, which encompasses Beaver, Colfax, Jackson, Lake Lincoln, and McClellan Townships in Newton County, Indiana.  All Evergreen Indiana resident cards are honored at all Indiana Evergreen Libraries.  A parent or legal guardian showing Proper Identification may register a minor child for an Evergreen Indiana library card.  Emancipated minors will be asked to present evidence of their status to void the necessity of the presence of a parent or guardian.

Patrons of Indiana public libraries not participating in the Evergreen Indiana Consortium may receive a library card at an Evergreen Indiana library pursuant to reciprocal borrower and other agreements. Users from non-participating Indiana libraries will not have the same privileges as Evergreen Indiana patrons and such cards may be suspended at any time without notice.

Non-resident cards and PLAC cards are issued to those individuals residing outside the Newton County Public Library district who purchase library cards with full access to library materials and services.  All other card holders, temporary, student, computer usage and reciprocal borrower cards are given limited access to services and materials.

Reciprocal Borrower card holders may not make use of the Library’s InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service.  These patrons must return to their home libraries to request items via ILL.

All applicants for an Evergreen Indiana library card must present the required Proper Identification in person at the Evergreen Indiana library that will issue the library card.

Property owners who do not reside in Indiana will be required to show proof of real property ownership, such as a tax bill or deed.

Signing an Evergreen Indiana library card denotes acceptance of responsibility for all fines and fees and for payment for lost or damaged materials. Patrons are advised to contact their library to report a lost or stolen library card.

Proper Identification is one of the following:

  a valid Indiana Driver’s License which displays a current address;

  a valid Indiana State ID which displays a current address; or

  a current government issued photo ID (e.g., military ID, passport).

Recommended List of ID includes:

 a valid voter registration card,

  an apartment lease signed within the last 30 days

  a bank statement issued within the last 30 days,

  a utility bill issued within the last 30 days, or

  a property tax receipt.

PLAC card costs are established each year by the Indiana State Library.

Non-resident card costs are $100 for 2015 and 2016.

The charge for a replacement Evergreen Indiana library card is two dollars ($2.00).

Approved 5/96

Amended 8/99

Amended 5/06

Amended 9/06

Amended 2/09

Reviewed 3/09

Amended 2/10

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