“The Indiana Digital Consortium is our growing consortium's online presence at OverDrive. The consortium is comprised of over 100 public libraries across Indiana that are pooling funds to purchase digital content for their patrons. If Newton County Public Library is your home library you are welcome to checkout Ebooks/audiobooks from our collection.”
• The INSPIRE tab needs to be reframed so the whole graphic shows. The tab appears to work correctly. Why is the word “Consultant” in the upper left?
• The GATEWAY tab appears to work correctly. Why does it have “Manager” in the upper left?
• The SRCS tab appears to work correctly, and we will complete that area in-house, but why does it have “Designer” on the page?
• The information in the 1000 BOOKS BEFORE KINDERGARTEN tab has correct information, but why does it say “Accountant” at the top of the page when I click through? The phrase “additional info” at the end of the text needs to be removed.